PARELEC 2004: Dresden, Germany

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Invited Talks

Session A1: Parallel System Architectures I

Session B1: Design and Design Automation I

Session A2: Methods for Parallelization

Session B2: Methods for Automatic Parallelization

Session A3: Specification and Modeling of Parallel Systems

Session B3: Parallel System Architectures II

Session A4: Numerical Methods for Parallel Processing I

Session B4: Reconfigurable Computing I

Session A5: Numerical Methods for Parallel Processing II

Session B5: Embedded Multiprocessors (and Network Processors)

Session A6: Fault-Tolerant and Evolutionary Systems

Session B6: Reconfigurable Computing II

Session A7: Parallel Software Environments I

Session B7: Real Time Parallel Computing I

Session A8: Parallel Software Environments II

Session B8: Real Time Parallel Computing II


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