OTM Workshops 2012: Rome, Italy

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On The Move Academy (OTMA) 2012

OTM Industry Case Studies Program 2012

Industrial Session

Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking (EI2N) 2012

Enterprise Services and Sustainability

Semantic Issues in Enterprise Engineering

Workshop on Industrial and Business Applications of Semantic Web Technologies (INBAST) 2012

Workshop on Methods, Evaluation, Tools and Applications for the Creation and Consumption of Structured Data for the e-Society (META4eS) 2012

Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling (ORM) 2012

Workshop on Ontology Content (OnToContent) 2012

Workshop on Semantics and Decision Making (SeDeS) 2012

Workshop on Socially Intelligent Computing (SINCOM) 2012

Workshop on SOcial and MObile COmputing for Collaborative Environments (SOMOCO) 2012

Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS) 2012 Posters

Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics (ODBASE) 2012 Posters

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