OTM Workshops 2009: Vilamoura, Portugal

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Posters of the 2009 DOA (Distributed Objects, Middleware, and Applications) International Symposium

Posters of the 2009 IS (Information Security) International Symposium

Posters of the 2009 ODBASE (Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics) International Conference

Workshop on Ambient Data Integration (ADI)

Invited Talk

Modeling and Management of Data

Data Integration Solution

Workshop on Context Aware Mobile Systems (CAMS)

Models and Frameworks

Context at Work

Novel Contextual Technologies

Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking (IFAC-IFIP EI2N)

Invited Talk

Enterprise Architecture and Networking

Enterprise Integration and Interoperability

Workshop on Information System in Distributed Environment (ISDE)

Tools and Task Allocation in Distributed Information System Development

Requirement Validation in Distributed Information System Development

Process Management in Distributed Information System Development

Workshop on System/Software Architectures (IWSSA)

Non-functional Requirements

Model-Driven Approaches

Evaluation, Verification and Validation


Workshop on Mobile and Networking Technologies for Social Applications (MONET)

Social Networking

Business Applications

Mobile Applications and Services

Workshop on Ontology Content (OnToContent)

Ontology Design

Business Model Ontologies

Ontology Evaluation and Management

Ontologies in Distributed and Interactive Systems (ODIS)

Workshop on Fact-Oriented Modeling (ORM)

Business Service and Process Modeling

Language and Tool Extensions

Industrial Case Studies

Workshop on OTM Academy

Workshop on Semantic Web and Web Semantics (SWWS)

Semantic Extensions to Middleware: Enabling Large Scale Knowledge Applications (SEMELS)

The Next Steps After SAWSDL (Beyond SAWSDL)

Community-Based Evolution of Knowledge-Intensive Systems (COMBEK)

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