OTM 2009: Vilamoura, Portugal

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CoopIS 2009 Keynote

DOA 2009 Keynote

Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS) International Conference 2009


Process Models

Ontology Challenges

Network Complexity 1

Network Complexity 2

Modeling Cooperation

Information Complexity



Distributed Objects and Applications (DOA) International Conference 2009

Aspect-Oriented Approaches for Distributed Middleware

Distributed Algorithms and Communication Protocols

Distributed Databases and Transactional Systems

Distributed Infrastructures for Cluster and Grid Computing

Object-Based, Component-Based, Resource-Oriented, Event-Oriented and Service-Oriented Middleware

Peer to Peer and Decentralized Infrastructures

Performance Analysis of Distributed Computing Systems

Reliability, Fault Tolerance, Quality of Service, and Real Time Support

Self* Properties in Distributed Middleware

Software Engineering for Distributed Middleware Systems

Security and Privacy in a Connected World

Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing

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