OTM Workshops 2008: Monterrey, Mexico

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Posters of the 2008 CoopIS (Cooperative Information Systems) International Conference

Posters of the 2008 ODBASE (Ontologies, DataBases, and Applications of Semantics) International Conference

Workshop on Ambient Data Integration (ADI)


Methods for Data Integration

Workshop on Agents and Web Services Merging in Distributed Environments (AWeSoMe)

Agents, Grid and Applications

Agent Communication and Coordination

Web Services and SOA

Workshop on Community-Based Evolution of Knowledge-Intensive Systems (COMBEK)

Early Afternoon Session

Morning Session

Late Afternoon Session

IFAC/IFIP Workshop on Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Networking (EI2N)

Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Integration and Interoperability

Enterprise Modelling and Service Oriented Architecture

Workshop on System/Software Architectures (IWSSA)

Workshop Introduction - Requirements and Architectural Design


Arquitectural Design Based on Components, Services and Patterns


Arquitectural Design Based on Components, Services and Frameworks

Workshop on MObile and NEtworking Technologies for Social Applications (MONET)

Challenges and New Approaches for Social Networking

Studies and Applications of Multimodality

Theories and Applications of Mobile Technology in Different Social Contexts

Workshop on Ontology Content and Evaluation in Enterprise(OnToContent)+ Quantitative Semantic Methods for the Internet (QSI)

Benefits of Ontologies and Human Factors

Folksonomies and Community Aspects

Elements for Quantitative Semantics

Workshop on Object-Role Modeling (ORM)

Service Orientation

Temporal Modeling and Dynamic Rules

Fact-Orientation and SBVR

Requirements Analysis and Quality Assurance

Verbalization Issues

Advanced Constraints and Tool Demos

Using Fact-Oriented Modeling Tools

Workshop on Pervasive Systems (PerSys)

PerSys Opening and Workshop Keynote

Middleware and Applications

Frameworks and Platforms

Workshop on Reliability in Decentralized Distributed Systems (RDDS)


Distributed Algorithms

Workshop on Semantic Extensions to Middleware: Enabling Large Scale Knowledge (SEMELS)

Extending Middleware with Semantics