NBiS 2014: Salerno, Italy

17th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS 2014)

Session 1: Parallel and Distributed Computing

Session 2: Wireless Mesh Networks

Session 3: Multimedia Applications

Session 4: Network Protocols and Algorithms

Session 5: Intelligent Computing

Session 6: Wireless and Mobile Computing

Session 7: Cloud Computing

Session 8: Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks

Session 9: Security and Privacy

Session 10: Database and Data Mining

Session 11: Social Networks

Session 12: Secure and Trustworthy Systems

The Ninth International Workshop on Network-Based Virtual Reality and Tele-existence - INVITE 2014

Session 1: Tiled Display

Session 2: Multimedia

The Eighth International Workshop on Advanced Distributed and Parallel Network Applications - ADPNA 2014

Session ADPNA-1: Advanced Distributed Networking and Applications

The Fifth International Workshop on Intelligent Sensors and Smart Environments - ISSE 2014

Session 1: ISSE-2014

The Fifth International Workshop on Trustworthy Computing - TwC 2014

Session 1: Trustworthiness and Authentication

Session 2: Security and Privacy

The Fifth International Workshop on Heterogeneous Networking Environments and Technologies - HETNET 2014

Session 1: Heterogeneous Networking and Environments

The Fourth International Workshop on Information Networking and Wireless Communications - INWC 2014

Session 1: Performance Analysis of Communication Systems

Session 2: Wave Propagation

The Third International Workshop on Web Services and Social Media - WSSM 2014

Session 1: Experiences and Understanding

Session 2: Development

The Third International Workshop on Advances in Data Engineering and Mobile Computing - DEMoC 2014

Session DEMoC-1: Data Engineering and Mobile Computing

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