MobiHealth 2011: Kos Island, Greece

Session We.1: Intrabody Communications and Transmission of Patient Data

Session We.2: ICT Technologies and Tools for Chronic Disease Management (Special Session)

Session We.3: Advances in Wireless Implantable Devices (Special Session)

Session We.4: Mobile Devices for Patient Monitoring

Session Th.1: Healthcare Telemetry and Telemedicine

Session Th.2: ICT Platforms and Technologies for the Daily Management of Chronic Diseases and the Support of the Ageing Population (Special Session)

Session Th.3: Patient Monitoring and Management

Session Th.4: Mobile and Wireless Technologies for Healthcare Delivery and Emergency

Session Fr.1: Measurement and Monitoring Technologies

Session Fr.2: Ambient Assistive Technologies for Pervasive Healthcare Services (Special Session)

Workshop We.1: Electromagnetic Issues in Advanced Mobile Healthcare Applications

Workshop Fr.1: Mobile Systems and Technologies for Patient Safety, Guidance and Empowerment

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