MEDES 2009: Lyon, France

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Foundations of digital EcoSystems - I (FDE-1)

Foundations of digital EcoSystems - II (FDE-2)

Data and knowledge management I (DKM-1)

Data and knowledge management - II (DKM-2)

Modelling languages and systems (MLS)

Knowledge representation, reasoning and discovery (KRRD)

Multimedia and virtual worlds (MVW)

Information retrieval (IR)

Services - I (SRV-1)

Services - II (SRV-2)

Social networks (SN)

Infrastructure - I (INF-1)

Infrastructure - II (INF-2)

Security and trust (ST)

Case studies (CS)

Demo/Poster (DP)

Student workshop 1 (STUD-1)

Student workshop 2 (STUD-2)

GRIT workshop (GRIT)

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