MASS 2009: Macao, China

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Session 1A: Data Management

Session 1B: Localization and Synchronization

Session 2A: Mobility Management

Session 2B: Mesh Networks

Session 3A: Application Systems and Testbeds I

Session 3B: Routing Algorithm and Protocol I

Session 4A: Multi-channel, Multi-radio and MIMO

Session 4B: Security and Privacy I

Session 5A: Cognitive Networks

Session 5B: Security and Privacy II

Session 6A: Data Aggregation and Fusion

Session 6B: Power-awareness and Energy Efficiency I

Session 7A: Delay Tolerant Networks

Session 7B: Power-awareness and Energy Efficiency II

Session 8A: Coverage and Connectivity

Session 8B: Multicast and Broadcast

Session 9A: Application Systems and Testbeds II

Session 9B: Routing Algorithm and Protocol II

InVANET Workshop

MeshTech Workshop

TSP Workshop

WAASN Workshop

WiNA Workshop