MASCOTS 1995: Durham, North Carolina, USA

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Session 1A: Systems

Session 1B: Queueing Systems 1

Session 2A: Networking 1

Session 2B: Distributed Simulation

Session 3A: Queueing Systems 2

Session 3B: Multiprocessor Architecture

Session 4A: Queueing Systems 3

Session 4B: Distributed Systems 1

Session 5A: Modeling Techniques

Session 5B: Parallel Systems 1

Session 6A: Parallel Systems 2

Session 6B: TOOLS: Processor, Network and System Simulation

Session 7A: Networking 2

Session 7B: TOOLS: Optimizing Parallel Programs

Session 8A: Systems Modeling 1

Session 8B: TOOLS: Petri Nets, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms

Session 9A: Distributed Systems 2

Session 9B: Networking 3

Session 10A: Real Time

Session 10B: Systems Modeling 2

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