KES 2004: Wellington, New Zealand

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Engineering of Ontology and Multi-agent System Design

Intelligent Multimedia Solution and the Security for the Next Generation Mobile Networks

Operations Research Based on Soft Computing

Web Mining and Personalization

Novel Methods in Evolutionary Computation

Bioinformatics Using Intelligent and Machine Learning Techniques

Practical Common Sense Reasoning

Systems for Large-scale Metadata Extraction and Maintenance

Soft Computing in Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Intelligent Feature Recognition and Classification in Astrophysical and Medical Images

Applications of Machine Learning Concepts

Intelligent Hybrid Systems for Robotics

Techniques of Computational Intelligence for Affective Computing

Information Agents on the Internet and Intelligent Web Mining

Intelligent Information Systems Using Case-Based Reasoning or Search Engineering

Applications of Computational Intelligence to Signal and Image Processing

Emergent Global Behaviors of Distributed Intelligent Engineering and Information Systems


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