KES 2004: Wellington, New Zealand

Methods of Computational Intelligence with Applications for Product Development and Human Resource Recruitment

Knowledge-Based Interface Systems

Intelligent Human Computer Interaction Systems


Advances in Intelligent Data Processing Techniques and Applications

PCA and ICA Based Signal and Image Processing

Intelligent Data Processing in Process Systems and Plants

Intelligent Systems for Spatial Information Processing and Imaging

Image Processing and Intelligent Information Applications

Immunity-Based Systems and Approaches

Machine and Computer Vision, Neural Networks, Intelligent Web Mining and Applications

Neural Networks for Data Mining

Neural Networks as Universal Approximators and Paradigms for Information Processing - Theoretical Developments and Applications

Theoretical Developments and Applications of Fuzzy Techniques and Systems

Highly Reliable Applications of Fuzzy Engineering

Chance Discovery

Intelligent Cooperative Work

Logic Based Intelligent Information Systems

Similarity Measures for Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval

Engineering of Intelligent Systems-Components and Activities