Japan Conference on Discrete and Computational Geometry, Graphs, and Games

Conference history

21th JCDCG^3 2018: Tokyo, Japan

20th JCDCG^3 2017: Tokyo, Japan

19th JCDCG^3 2016: Tokyo, Japan

18th JCDCGG 2015: Kyoto, Japan

17th JCDCGG 2014: Tokyo, Japan

16th JCDCGG 2013: Tokyo, Japan

15th TJJCCGG 2012: Bangkok, Thailand

14th JCDCG 2011: Tokyo, Japan

13th CGGA 2010: Dalian, China

12th JCCGG 2009: Kanazawa, Japan

11th KyotoCDCG 2007: Kyoto, Japan

10th JCDCG 2006, Abashiri, Japan

9th CJCDGCGT 2005: Tianjin & Xi'an, China

8th JCDCG 2004: Tokyo, Japan

7th IJCCGGT 2003: Bandung, Indonesia

6th JCDCG 2002: Tokyo, Japan

5th GTDG 2001: Manila, Philippines

Special Issue: Graphs Comb. 18(4)

4th JCDCG 2000: Tokyo, Japan

3rd JCDCG 1999: Tokyo, Japan

2nd JCDCG 1998: Tokyo, Japan

1st JCDCG 1997: Tokyo, Japan

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