IWCMC 2012: Limassol, Cyprus

Invited Papers

Network Structural Analysis (TRAC Workshop)

Resource Allocation and Management I (Wireless Networking Symposium)

Applications and Data Aggregation (Wireless Sensor Networks Symposium)

Mobile Computing (Mobile Computing Symposium)

Cooperative Networks (Cooperative and Cognitive Networks Workshop)

OFDM/OFDMA (Communication & Information Theory Symp.)

Relays (Communication & Information Theory Symp.)

Wireless Technologies II (Wireless Networking Symposium)

MAC and Design Techniques (Wireless Sensor Networks Symposium)

Wireless Technologies I (Wireless Networking Symposium)

Cognitive Networks (Cooperative and Cognitive Networks Workshop)

Performance Evaluation (General Symposium)

Invited Papers

High Speed Traffic Analysis (TRAC Workshop)

Wireless Multi-Hop Networks (Wireless Networking Symposium)

WSN and Other Networks (Wireless Sensor Networks Symposium)

Coverage and Security (Wireless Sensor Networks Symposium)

Access and Data Transmission (General Symposium)

Transceiver Design-I (Communication and Information Theory Symp.)

Overlay Networks Analysis (TRAC Workshop)

Power Control (Wireless Networking Symposium)

Protocols and Attacks (Security Symposium)

Network Protocols (Wireless Networking Symposium)

Web Services and M2M