IWCMC 2010: Caen, France

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Vehicular networks and services (vehicular communication technology symposium)

Topics on wireless LAN (WLAN/WPAN symposium)

Deployment and coverage (wireless sensor networks symposium)

Communication trans-receiver (comm. and information theory symposium)

MAC and radio resource management (general symposium)

Invited papers

QoS and scheduling in wireless networks (WLAN/WPAN symposium)

Cognitive radio communications and networks (cooperative and cognitive networks)

Communication channel (comm. and information theory symposium)

Cross-layer applications (cross-layer optimized wireless networks symposium)

Mathematical methods for traffic data analysis (TRAC workshop)

Wireless PAN and cellular networks (WLAN/WPAN symposium)

Traffic control and resource management (mobile computing symposium)

Cooperative communication systems (cooperative and cognitive networks)

MAC and scheduling (wireless sensor networks symposium)

Traffic monitoring: from theory to practice (TRAC workshop)

Emergency management (EMCCP workshop)

Design techniques (wireless sensor networks symposium)

Signal processing and PHY layer (general symposium)

Channel estimation and synchronization (comm. and information theory symposium)