IWCMC 2009: Leipzig, Germany

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Mobile computing I (Mobile Computing symposium)

Emergency management I (MCEM workshop)

Security I (Computer and Network Security symposium)

Autonomic Wireless Networking workshop

Cross-layer wireless networks (Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks symp.)

Mobile ad hoc networks (Wireless LANs and Wireless PANs symp.)

Communications I (Communication and Information Theory symp.)

Security & fault tolerance (Wireless Sensor Networks symp.)

UWB and cognitive networks (Wireless LANs and Wireless PANs symp.)

Cross-layer applications (Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks symp.)

Performance evaluation & analysis (Wireless Sensor Networks symp.)

Vehicular communication I (Vehicular Communication Technology workshop)

Routing and protocols (General symposium)

Cooperative Cognitive Networks workshop

WiMAX/WiBro Services and QoS Management symp.

Invited papers

Emergency management II (MCEM workshop)

Physical & synchronization (Wireless Sensor Networks symp.)