ITC 1998: Washington, DC, USA

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Session 1: Plenary

Session 2: Escaping The High Cost of Test Escapes

Session 3: Memory Test Algorithms and Pattern Generation

Session 4: DFT in Practice

Session 5: Thermal Issues in Manufacturing Test

Session 6: Embedded Cores

Session 7: BIST Synthesis

Session 8: Experimental Results in Current Testing

Session 9: MCM Test - Theory and Applications

Session 10: Mixed-Signal Test Techniques

Session 11: Integrated Probe Card/Interface Solutions for Specific Test Applications

Session 12: Access and Test Approaches for Embedded Cores

Session 13: Test Synthesis

Session 14: Transistor LeveL Test Techniques

Session 15: Board and System Test

Session 16: Recent Advances in BIST

Session 17: Introduction to MEMS

Session 18: Advances in Embedded Core Test

Session 19: Microprocessor Testing

Session 20: ATE Architectures: Cost, IDDQ and Mixed-Signal Issues

Session 21: Concurrent Checking

Session 22: MEMS Fault Modeling and Diagnosis

Session 23: Test Creation for Implicitly Burning Cores

Session 24: Revolution and Evolution in Tester Software

Session 25: Practical ATPG

Session 26: DFT Theory

Session 27: Mixed-Signal DFT

Session 29: Microprocessor Test Tools

Session 30: Putting thE "Defect" in Defect Diagnosis

Session 31: System Level Test Techniques and Processes

Session 32: The Need for Speed - Timing and Jitter Testing

Session 33: Vectors, Interface, Probes; ATE Issues in AT-Speed Test

Session 34: Manufacturing Process Monitoring

Session 35: Fault Detection and IDDQ

Session 36: On-Line Testing

Session 37: Creating Effective Test Sequences

Session 38: Test Standards - Still Evolving

Session 39: Design Validation and Diagnosis

Session 40: Alternatives to IDDQ