29th ISSRE 2018: Memphis, TN, USA - Workshops

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Industry Track

Best Disruptive Idea Award

Best Paper Award Session

Defect and Threats Prevention

Reliability Assessment

Software Reliability Modeling

System Profiling and Log Analysis

Distributed Systems Testing and Profiling

Fast Abstracts

Reliability, Testing, and Security

Services and Cloud Systems

Doctoral Symposium Papers

Recently Started Students

Nearly Finished Students

IDEAR 2018 Workshop

Advances in Fault Localization

Automated Repair

Processes and Applications

STEP 2018 Workshop

Testing and Security

Test Case Prioritization and Value Estimation

WoSAR 2018 Workshop

Literature Review

Software Aging Detection and Monitoring

Software Rejuvenation

WoSoCer 2018 Workshop

Open Challenges in Software Certification

Testing and Certification

Certifiable Software Development and Verification

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