ISPAN 2009: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Keynote Presentations

Area 1: Algorithms and Applications

Interconnection Networks

Distributed and Parallel Processing

Area 2: Architectures and Systems

Multi-core Architectures and Distributed Systems

Intelligent Systems

Area 3: Ubiquitous Computing and Systems

Ubiquitous Systems and Middleware

Ubiquitous Networking

Area 4: Network and Data Communications

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


Network and Communication Theory

Service Computing


Area 5: Internet and Web Technology

Area 6: Biomedical Informatics

Medical Document Processing

Intelligent Medical Information Systems

Area 7: Intelligent Systems and Informatics

Intelligent Systems

Soft Computing

Area 8: Multimedia Technology

Multimedia Network Transmission

Multimedia Signal Processing

Area 9: Cloud/Grid Computing Technologies, Applications, and Services

Grid and Cloud Computing

Grid and Cloud Applications

Graph Theory and Networks I

Graph Theory and Networks II

The 2009 International Workshop on Vehicular Communications, Networks, and Applications (VCNA 2009)

Routing in VANETs

Data Communication in VANETs

Security and OFDM Transmission in VANETs