IEEE International Symposium on Multiple-Valued Logic (ISMVL)

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Past ISMVL Symposia

48th ISMVL 2018: Linz, Austria

47th ISMVL 2017: Novi Sad, Serbia

46th ISMVL 2016: Sapporo, Japan

45th ISMVL 2015: Waterloo, ON, Canada

44th ISMVL 2014: Bremen, Germany

43rd ISMVL 2013: Toyama, Japan

42nd ISMVL 2012: Victoria, BC, Canada

41st ISMVL 2011: Tuusula, Finland

40th ISMVL 2010: Barcelona, Spain

39th ISMVL 2009: Naha, Okinawaw, Japan

38th ISMVL 2008: Dallas, Texas, USA

37th ISMVL 2007: Oslo, Norway

36th ISMVL 2006: Singapore

35th ISMVL 2005: Calgary, Canada

34th ISMVL 2004: Toronto, Canada

33rd ISMVL 2003: Tokyo, Japan

32nd ISMVL 2002: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

ISMVL 2002 Home Page

31st ISMVL 2001: Warsaw, Poland

30th ISMVL 2000: Portland, Oregon, USA

ISMVL 2000 Home Page

29th ISMVL 1999: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

28th ISMVL 1998: Fukuoka, Japan

27th ISMVL 1997: Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

26th ISMVL 1996: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

25th ISMVL 1995: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

24th ISMVL 1994: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

23rd ISMVL 1993: Sacramento, California, USA

22nd ISMVL 1992: Sendai, Japan

21st ISMVL 1991: Victoria, BC, Canada

20th ISMVL 1990: Charlotte, NC, USA

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