19th IRI 2018: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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Session A1.1: Security and Privacy

Session A1.2: Modeling and Mining

Session A2: Social Media and Users

Session A3: Classification and Processing

Applications 1: Detection

Poster Session 1

Session B1: Knowledge Representation and Management

Session B2: Learning

Applications 2: Social Media and Users

Applications 3: Information Reuse

Poster Session 2

Session C1: Diagnosis and Prediction

Applications 4: AI and Machine Learning 1

Applications 4: AI and Machine Learning 2

Applications 5: Data Analytics 1

Session C2: Decision Support

Applications 5: Data Analytics 2

Invited Papers Session I

Invited Papers Session II

Invited Papers Session III

7th IEEE International Workshop on Data Integration and Mining (DIM 2018)

7th IEEE International Workshop on Empirical Methods for Recognizing Inference in TExt (EM-RITE 2018)

6th IEEE International Workshop on Formal Methods Integration (FMi 2018)

2nd International Workshop on Social Media Networks Analytics and Applications (SMA2 2018)

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