13th IOLTS 2007: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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Test Technology Educational Program (TTEP) 2007 Full-Day Tutorial

Keynote Talk

Invited Talk

Session 1: Reliability Issues in Nanometer Technologies

Session 2: Network-on-Chip Reliability and Fault Tolerance

Session 3: Secure Systems

Session 4: Large Scale Dependability

Session 5: Dependability of Processors, SoCs and Asynchronous Circuits

Special Session 1: Aging and Wearout Issues and Mitigation Approaches

Keynote Talk

Session 6: Radiation Effects

Session 7: Signal Integrity and Error Compensation

Special Session 2: Panel: SER Trends in 45nm and Beyond

Session 8: Posters

Session 9: Fault Tolerance

Session 10: On-Line Testing for Analog, Mixed-Signal, RF and Delay Defect Tolerance

Special Session 3: Fault-Tolerant and Self-Adapting Design to Mitigate Power, Yield and Reliability Issues in Upcoming Process Nodes

Special Session 4: Reconfiguration and Fault Tolerance in Future Massively Parallel Multi-Core Chips

Session 11: Processor-Based Testing

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