12th IOLTS 2006: Como, Italy

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Keynote Talk

Invited Talk

Session 1: Fault Effects and Self-Checking Techniques

Session 2: BIST Techniques

Session 3: Technology Robustness

Special Session 1: Memory Reliability Challenges

Special Session 2: Test and Reliability Challenges for Innovative Systems

Panel 1

Embedded Tutorials: Innovative Design for Robustness

Session 4: Soft Errors and Latchup Mitigation

Session 5: Secure Circuits

Session 6: Fault Detection Techniques

Session 7: Analog Circuits Dependability

Session 8: Posters

Panel 2

Session 9: Reliable Systems

Session 10: Dependability Analysis

Session 11: New Topics in Fault Detection

Special Session 3: SER Trends: Vision and Developments from European IDMs

Session 12: Checkers and Error Correction

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