IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (INFOVIS)

Since 2006 the proceedings of INFOVIS are published as special issues of the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

INFOVIS 2005: Minneapolis, MN, USA

INFOVIS 2004: Austin, Texas, USA

INFOVIS 2003: Seattle, WA, USA

INFOVIS 2003 Home Page

INFOVIS 2002: Boston, MA, USA

INFOVIS 2002 Home Page

INFOVIS 2001: San Diego, California

INFOVIS 2001 Home Page

INFOVIS 2000: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

INFOVIS 1999: San Francisco, California, USA

INFOVIS 1998: Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

INFOVIS 1997: Phoenix, AZ, USA

INFOVIS 1996: San Francisco, CA, USA

INFOVIS 1995: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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