INCoS 2012: Bucharest, Romania

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Full Papers Sessions

Security and Cloud Computing

Intelligent and Immune Systems

Machine Learning and Agent Systems

E-learning and Collaborative Systems

Optimization in Networked Systems

Social Networking, Grid, and P2P Systems

Artificial and Agent-Based Collaborative Systems

Wireless, Ad Hoc, and Sensor Networking

Vehicular Networking and MANETs

Security Computation Schemes

Security and Encryption

Cryptanalysis and Privacy

Security and Authentication I

Security and Authentication II

Encoding, Malware, and Adversarial Systems

Ontology and Semantic Collaborative Systems

Mobile and Location-Based Collaborative Systems

Intelligent Traffic and Disaster Management

Short Papers Session

Poster Session

CIDM 2012 Workshop

Advanced Methods for Disaster Management

C3WN 2012 Workshop

Resource Allocation

Cooperative Transmission

Cognitive Networks

LSNS 2012 Workshop

Security Analysis

Attack and Design

SloT 2012 Workshop

Data Security and Management

MC2 2012 Workshop

Motion Capture and Classification

FINCoS 2012 Workshop

Intelligent Collaborative Systems

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