13. IFIP Congress 1994: Hamburg, Germany

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Track 2 - Computer and Communication Applications

New and Important Applications

Experts on New and Important Applications

A New Application Requiring New Methods

Experts and Important Applications

Public Services

Professional and Personal Services

Industrial Applications

Modern Application Design Methods

Experts on Modern Application Design Methods

High Level Application Design Methods

Technical and Engineering Methods

User Interface Design

Track 3 - Social Impact of Computers and Communications

International Developments

Survey of Developments

Legal Developments

History of Informatics

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Country Developments

National Developments

Changes in Political Processes

Computers & Arts: Music

Computers & Arts: Graphics

Management, Organisation and NetWork

Helping Handicapped Persons

Changes in Business Practice

Business and Government

Vulnerable Applications

Health Care

Advances in Health Systems Methods

Health System Protection

Vulnerable Systems

Information Systems and Democratic Development

Ecology and Informatics

Sustainable Development



Computer Based Training

Educational Methods

Education: National Developments

Distance Learning

Educational Aspects

Basic Thoughts

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