CMC 2011: Qingdao, China

Computer and Network Security Symposium

Information Systems Security

Mobile and Wireless Networks Security

Security Modeling and Protocol Design

Web, eBusiness, eCommerce, eGovernment Security

Mobile Computing and Internet Symposium

Embedded Systems

Grid, Cloud, and P2P Computing

IP Advances, Applications, and Services

Other Topics

Performance Modeling and Analysis

Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligence

Protocols (Routing, Transport Layer, ...)

Scheduling and Switching

Web Services and Internet Computing

Optical Communications and Networking Symposium

Optical (WDM/OCDM/OTDM) Network and Switch Architectures

Optical Access Networks (PON, EPON, WDM-PON, ...)

Other Topics

Planning and Optimization of Optical Networks

Wireless Communications Symposium

Antennas, Channel Measurement/Modeling/Simulation, and RF Sub-systems

Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio

Cooperative Communications

Cross-Layer Design and Optimization

Green Communications

Modulation, Coding, and Information Theory

Multiple Access Techniques (CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, OFDMA, ...)

OFDM and Multi-carrier Systems

Other Topics

Satellite Communications

Signal Processing for Communications

Testbeds and Hardware Development

Ultra-wideband Communications

Vehicular Communications

Wireless Networking Symposium

Ad Hoc, Body-Area, and Sensor Networks

Other Topics

Protocols (Routing/Switching, Flow and Congestion Control, Multicasting, ...)

Resource Management, Mobility Management, and Admission Control

Wireless Networks for Vehicle, Underwater, UAVs Communications

WLAN, WPAN, WMAN, and Wireless Wide Area Networks