26th ICTAI 2014: Limassol, Cyprus

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SAT/CSP 1 CSP: Methodologies, Techniques, & Applications

Machine Learning I

Planning I

Ontologies - Knowledge Representation & Reasoning I

SAT/CSP 2 CSP/SAT/Optimization & Applications

Tutoring Systems - Machine Learning II

Tutoring Systems - Clustering

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning II

SAT/CSP 3 SAT, MAX-SAT, and Their Applications

Social Networks I

Planning II & Multi-agents

Emotion Analysis

SAT/CSP 4 Complexity Issues, Soft Constraints

Social Networks II

A.I: Applications

SAT/CSP 5 CSP: Applications

Documents & Natural Language Processing


AI Tools, Methodology, and Applications I

SAT/CSP 6 Parallel Solving, Over-constrainted CSPs

Big Data - Data Mining & Databases


AI Tools, Methodology, and Applications II

Constraints, SAT, and Optimization

A.I: For Traffic-Transportation-Navigation Issues