International Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing

15th ICTAC 2018: Stellenbosch, South Africa

14th ICTAC 2017: Hanoi, Vietnam

13th ICTAC 2016: Taipei, Taiwan

12th ICTAC 2015: Cali, Colombia

11th ICTAC 2014: Bucharest, Romania

10th ICTAC 2013: Shanghai, China

9th ICTAC 2012: Bangalore, India

8th ICTAC 2011: Johannesburg, South Africa

7th ICTAC 2010: Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

6th ICTAC 2009: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5th ICTAC 2008: Istanbul, Turkey

4th ICTAC 2007: Macau, China

3rd ICTAC 2006: Tunis, Tunisia

2nd ICTAC 2005: Hanoi, Vietnam

1st ICTAC 2004: Guiyang, China

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