ICSC IIA/SOCO 1999: Genova, Italy

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Keynote Papers

Acoustics Speech Analysis and Synthesis

Advanced Robotics

Biometry - Face Recognition


Computer Vision

Data Mining

Development Systems for Soft Computing and Applications

Distributed Intelligence

Economy and Business Modelling


ICA - Pattern Recognition

Image Compression

Innovative Control

Innovative Fault Diagnosis

Innovative Modeling - Identification

Inspection / Defect Detection

Intelligent Plant Monitoring

Knowledge Base Systems

Machine Tools



Non Linear Temporal Series Chaotic Analysis

Pattern Recognition

Power Electronic


Simulated Annealing

Soft Computing based Design


Support Vector Machines


Vehicle Dispatching

Special session on 'Intelligent Systems in Control and Process Optimization'

Invited Session on 'Recent Issues on Flexible Databases'

Invited Session on 'Soft Computing of Structured Information'

Invited Session on 'Soft Computing Technologies for Agent Development'

Invited Session on 'Vision-based Intelligent Systems for Surveillance and Traffic Control'

Invited Session on 'Hybrid Approaches for Soft Computing'

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