11th ICPADS 2005: Fukuoka, Japan - Volume 2

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Cover and PDES Introduction

Session PDES-1: Energy Management

Session PDES-2: Embedded Software and Configurable Processor

Session PDES-3: Embedded System Design


Session SaNSO-1: Mac Layer

Session SaNSO-2: Security

Session SaNSO-3: Networking


Session PMWMNC-1: Modelling and Analytical Studies

Session PMWMNC-2: Networking and Distributed Systems

Session PMWMNC-3: Wireless Networks


Session INVITE-1: Virtual Reality I

Session INVITE-2: Virtual Reality II

Session INVITE-3: 3D Object Presentation and Representation


Session SNDS-1: Authentication and Authorization

Session SNDS-2: Network Security Issues and Protocols

Session SNDS-3: Key Management

Session SNDS-4: Digital Signature and Sensor Network Security


Session HiPCoMB-1: Imaging and Alignments

Session HiPCoMB-2: Simulations and Phylogeny


Session HWISE-1: Energy and Topology Management

Session HWISE-2: Information Treatment in Sensor Networks

Session HWISE-3: Networking in Sensor Networks

Session HWISE-4: Enabling Technologies


Session RAMPDS-1: Autonomic Computing Technology and Approach

Session RAMPDS-2: System Reliability and Security

Session RAMPDS-3: Applications and Development of Autonomic Computing

Session RAMPDS-4: Software Reliability and Rejuvenation