ICME 2019: Shanghai, China

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Oral Sessions

Best Paper Session

O-01: Content Recommendation and Cross-modal Hashing

O-02: Development of Multimedia Standards and Related Research

O-03: Classification and Low Shot Learning

O-04: 3D Media Computing

O-05: Special Session "Pedestrian Detection, Tracking and Reidentification in Videos"

O-06: Special Session "Multimedia Technologies Empowering Retail Experiences"

O-07: 3D and Low Level Vision

O-08: Object Detection I

O-09: Emerging Applications of Deep Learning

O-10: Multimedia Quality Assessment and Enhancement

O-11: Multimedia for Society and Health

O-12: Immersive Media

O-13: 3D and Stereo Computing

O-14: Machine Learning Applications in Image and Video Coding I

O-15: Vison, Language and Text Processing

O-16: Media Classification and Segmentation II

O-17: AI for Human Understanding

O-18: Image Quality Metrics

O-19: Multimedia Recommendations

O-20: Search and Retrieval

O-21: Media Understanding

O-22: Super-resolution and Enhancement

O-23: Pose and Action Recognition II

O-24: Image and Video Enhancements I

O-25: Face and Person Analysis

O-26: Media Classification and Segmentation III

O-27: Image and Video Enhancements II

O-28: Multimedia Learning and Adaptation

O-29: Person (Re-)Identification and People Detection