ICMB 2005: Sydney, Australia

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Session 1A: mTransformation

Session 1B: Privacy and Security I

Session 1C: Case Studies

Session 1D: Content Innovation in the Mobile Arena I

Session 1E: Mobile Business Processes I

Session 2A: Mobile Entertainment I

Session 2B: Privacy and Security II

Session 2C: Personalised Mobile Applications

Session 2D: Content Innovation in the Mobile Arena II

Session 2E: Mobile Business Processes II

Session 3A: Mobile Entertainment II

Session 3C: Architectural and Modelling Issues

Session 3D: Mobile e-Learning

Session 3E: Wireless Sensor Networks

Session 4A: Interaction Design and Mobile Business I

Session 4B: Mobile Services in the Financial Services Industry

Session 4C: Government/Regulatory Issues

Session 4D: Mobile Marketing I

Session 5A: Interaction Design and Mobile Business II

Session 5C: Adoption of Mobile Technology I

Session 6A: Beyond Mobile: What Comes Next?

Session 6B: Mobile Payments II

Session 6C: Adoption of Mobile Technology II

Session 6D: Mobile Marketing II

Session 7B: Mobile Payments III

Session 7C: Adoption of Mobile Technology III

Session 7D: Mobile Marketing III

Session 7E: Mobile Applications

Session 8A: Mobile Health I

Session 8B: Mobile Technologies

Session 8C: Mobile Content Distribution

Session 8D: Mobile Information Retrieval

Session 9A: Mobile Health II

Session 9B: Mobile Agents I

Session 9C: Mobile Network Management

Session 10A: Mobile Middleware and Mobile Environments

Session 10B: Mobile Agents II

Session 10C: Mobile Networking I

Session 11B: Fixed versus Wireless Networks

Session 11C: Mobile Networking II

Session 11D: RFID

Session 3B: Privacy, Security, and Trust Management III

Session 5B: Mobile Payments I

Session 7A: Interaction Design and Mobile Business III

Session 10D: Mobile Technologies and Adoption

Session 11A: Mobile Middleware and Networking

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