14th ICDE 1998: Orlando, Florida, USA

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Keynote Address

Andrew Mendelsohn: Databases: The Next Generation.

Session 1: Semistructured Data

Session 2: Mobile and Disconnected Database Operations

Industry Session 1: Database Engines

Panel Session 1: WWW and the Internet - Did We (the Database Community) Miss the Boat?

Session 3: Parallel Database Systems

Industry Session 2: Data Mining

Session 4: Queries and Views

Session 5: Recovery and Buffer Management

Industry Session 3: OLAP and Data Warehousing

Keynote Address

Session 6: Spatial and Temporal Databases

Session 7: Indexing in Data Warehousing

Industry Session 4: Multimedia and Workflow Systems

Session 8: Video and Image Databases

Panel 2: Data Warehousing Lessons From Experience

Industry Session 5: The Web and Databases

Panel 3: Migrating Legacy Databases and Applications

Session 9: Architectural Issues in Data Mining Systems

Session 10: Cooperation and Workflow Management

Session 11: Access Structures

Session 12: Association Rules and Dependencies

Session 13: Concurrency Control

Plenary Panel Session

Session 14: Query Processing in Spatial Databases

Session 15: Mining of Association Rules

Session 16: Server-Based Database Systems

Session 17: Visualization of Multimedia Data

Session 18: Management of Objects

Research Prototype Demonstrations

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