33rd ICDCS 2013: Philadelphia, PA, USA - Workshops

The Second International Workshop on Network Forensics, Security, and Privacy (NFSP 2013)

Session I : Malware Detection and Prevention

Session II: Network Security

Session III : Security, Privacy and Anomaly Detection

The First International Workshop on Resource Management of Cloud Computing (CCRM 2013)

Session 1: Data Center Network Management

Session 2: Theory

Session 3: System

Session 4: Privacy, VM management and Simulation

Session 5: Miscellaneous

The Fifth International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-Peer Computing and Online Social Networking (HotPOST 2013)

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

The Third International Workshop on Data Center Performance (DCPerf 2013)

Session 1: DC Network and Storage

Session 2: DC Resource Management

The Tenth International Workshop on Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networking (WWASN 2013)

Session 1: Fundamentals

Session 2: Applications

The Third International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Networking Systems (CPNS 2013)

Session 1: Frameworks, Instrument, and Engine

Session 2: Protocols and Security

The Twelfth International Workshop on Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks (ADSN 2013)

Session 1: Assurance in Wireless Networks

Session 2: Assurance in Data Processing

The First International Workshop on Mobile Cloud and Social Computing (MCSC 2013)

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