32nd ICDCS 2012: Macau, China - Workshops

DCPerf 2012: The Second International Workshop on Data Center Performance



PhoneCom 2012: The Second International Workshop on Sensing, Networking, and Computing with Smartphones

Session I: User, Social, and HCI

Session II: Sensing, Location, and Networking

HotPOST 2012: The Fourth International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-Peer Computing and Online Social Networking

HotPOST 2012: Session 1

HotPOST 2012: Session 2

WWASN 2012: The Ninth Workshop on Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

WWASN 2012: Session 1

WWASN 2012: Session 2

CPNS 2012: The Second International Workshop on Cyber-physical Networking Systems

CPNS-TS2: Synchronization, Control, and Models

CPNS-TS3: Systems and Applications

ADSN 2012: The 11th International Workshop on Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks

Session 1: Assurance Networks

Session 2: Assurance-Driven Routing and Clustering

Session 3: Dependable Computing

Session 4: Modeling and Architectures

SPCC 2012: The Third International Conference on Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

Technical Session I

Technical Session II

Technical Session III

NFSP 2012: The First International Workshop on Network Forensics, Security and Privacy

Session I: Forensics

Session II: Authentication, Identification, and Privacy

Session III: Intrusion Detection and Prevention

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