25th ICDCS 2005: Columbus, OH, USA - Workshops

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Fourth International Workshop on Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks (ADSN)


Session 1: Fault-Tolerance and Security

Session 2: Reliability and Stabilization

Session 3: Load Balancing

Session 4: Adaptive Systems

Second International Workshop on Security in Distributed Computing Systems (SDCS)


Session 1: Network Attack Traceback

Session 2: Internet Infrastructure Security and Intrusion Detection

Session 3: Digital Forensics & Covert Channel Analysis

Session 4: Wireless and Sensor Network Security

Session 5: Work-in-Progress (WIP) Session

First International Workshop on Services and Infrastructure for the Ubiquitous and Mobile Internet (SIUMI)


Session 1: Identification and Location Management

Session 2: Middleware Support for the Mobile Internet

Session 3: Enabling Technologies: Mobile Agents

Session 4: Resource-Limited Systems

Session 5: Context Awareness and Content Adaptation

Fourth International Workshop on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS)


Session 1: Matching and Multicasting

Session 2: Publish-Subscribe with State

Session 3: Ad Hoc and Dynamic Topologies

Session 4: Short Papers

Fifth International Workshop on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing (IWSAWC)


Session 1: Enabling Technologies and Networking

Session 2: Wearable Computers

Session 3: Novel User Interface

Session 4: Smart Appliances in the Real World

Third International Workshop on Mobile Distributed Computing (MDC)


Session I: Keynote Address

Session II: Wireless and Ad Hoc Networks

Session III: Mobile Distributed Systems

Session IV: Wireless Network and Mobile Systems

Session V: Wireless Networks and Mobile Systems (Short Papers)

Seventh International Workshop on Multimedia Network Systems and Applications (MNSA)


Session 1: Web and Network Applications

Session 2: Multimedia Applications and Systems

Session 3: Network Protocols

First International Workshop on Mobility in Peer-to-Peer Systems (MPPS)


Session 1: Keynote Address

Session 2: Mobility and Infrastructure

Session 3: Security and Reliability