4. ICCHP 1994: Vienna, Austria

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Opening Session

Blindness - Graphical User Interfaces I

Technology and Deafness

Remote Control, Smart Environments

Blindness - Graphical User Interfaces II

Human Computer Interfaces, I/O Devices I

Automatic Control and Robotics

Blindness - Screen Readers

Human Computer Interfaces, I/O Devices II

Short Reports: Activities

Blindness - Access to Documents I

Vision Impairment and Higher Education

Short Reports: Vocation and the Workplace

Blindness - Access to Documents II

Disability and Higher Education

Information Systems on Rehabilitation Technology

Blindness - Access to Math and Software Engineering

Medical and Clinical Aspects I

Speech Impairment - Alternative Communication I

Blindness - New Applications of Sound Signals

Medical and Clinical Aspects II

Speech Impairment - Alternative Communication II

Blindness - Tactile Output Devices

Technology Support in Mainstream Education

Short Reports: Human Computer Interfaces

Short Reports: Education

Technology and Low Vision

Computer Aided Learning, Authoring Systems

Telecommunication and Satellite Navigation

Blindness - Tactile Reading and Writing

Technology and Disabled Children

Late Papers

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