ICCAD 2014: San Jose, California, USA

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Enhancing correctness of advanced design

CAD for next-generation vehicles

Emerging reconfigurable array technologies

Challenges and techniques for high level design

Adaptive designs in computing, power management and communication for low-power circuits and systems with ultra-wide dynamic ranges

Design, modeling and tools for video analytics using emerging devices

Patterns and placement

Energy, performance and security for embedded systems

Can one shield integrated circuits and systems from supply chain attacks?

Smart energy system: electric vehicle, home, HVAC, hybrid system and cybersecurity

Analysis and optimization of timing, noise, and power

What is behind the mask?

Detection & prevention of IC security threats

Design automation for biochemistry synthesis on a digital microfluidic lab-on-a-chip

Runtime optimizations for emerging memory and on-chip systems

Noise and variability

Advanced verification and diagnosis techniques

2014 CAD contest

Emerging applications of networked cyberphysical systems

Routing in EDA and beyond

CAD for the internet of things

Full-chip electromigration assessment and system-level EM reliability management

Advances in logic synthesis

How to keep chip aging at bay

Approximate and stochastic circuits

Cool technologies for cool chips

Design and CAD to enable 3D integration

DFM for extreme technology nodes

Automated and quality-driven requirement engineering

Pessimism removal during timing analysis

Emulation, modeling and simulation of analog systems

Advanced placement

Advances in debug and formal verification

Mathematical methods for interconnect modeling and low power design

Software for management of parallelism and data integrity in embedded systems

Clock network design and timing

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