ICC 2000: New Orleans, LA, USA - Volume 2

MNC05 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Turbo Codes and Iterative Decoding

MNC06 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Detection and Estimation

MNP03 Personal Communications Mini-Symposium: Mobility Management

MNQ01 Quality of Service Mini-Symposium: QoS 1

MNR01 Radio Communications Mini-Symposium: Algorithms for Wireless Channels and Radio

S14 Signal Processing and Communication Electronics: Advanced Signal Processing for Communications

S15 Computer Communications: Traffic Engineering and Modeling

S16 Multimedia: Communications Infrastructure

S17 Enterprise Networking: Issues and Emerging Paradigms

MNC07 Communication Theory Mini-Symposium: Multiuser Detection and Interference Suppression

MNP04 Personal Communications Mini-Symposium: Signal Processin Techniques

MNQ02 Quality of Service Mini-Symposium: QoS 2

MNR02 Radio Communications Mini-Symposium: Advances in Multiple Antennas 1

S 18 Signal Processing and Communication Electronics Code Division Multiple Access and Optical Frequency Division Multiplexed Systems

S 19 Transmission, Access and Optical Systems: Digital Subscriber Line Technology.

S 20 Communications Sytem Integration and Modeling Performance of CDMA and Wireless ATM Networks

S 21 Communication Theory: OFDM and Multicarrier Systems

S 22 Computer Communications: Network Architecture

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