6. ICARA 2015: Queenstown, New Zealand

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S1A: Special Session on Electric Vehicles: Advances in Drives and Steering Mechanism

S1B: Localisation and Mapping

S1C: Man / Machine Interfacing

S2A: Path Planning / Navigation

S2B: Manufacturing Systems

S2C: Control 1

S3A: Special Session on Mechatronic Music

S3B: Health Systems 1

S3C: WSN / Communications

S4A: Special Session on Sensing, Automation and Robotics in Agriculture

S4B: Tactile / Haptic Systems

S4C: Underwater Systems

IT2: Invited Talk 2

S5A: Bio-inspired Systems

S5B: Robotic Arms

S5C: Temperature / Force Sensors

S6A: Special Session on Humans, Software Agents, Robots, Machines and Sensors (HARMS)

S6B: Applications 1

S6C: Vision Systems

S7A: Health Systems 2

S7B: Applications 2

S7C: Applications 3

S8A: Aerial Systems

S8B: Optimisation

S8C: Control 2

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