6. ICANN 1996: Bochum, Germany

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Plenary Presentations

Oral Presentations: Theory

Theory 1: Associative Memory

Theory 2: Learning

Theory 3: Generalization 1

Theory 4: Generalization 2

Theory 5: Collective Dynamics

Theory 6: Time Series

Theory 7: Unsupervised Learning

Theory 8: Self-Organizing Maps

Oral Presentations: Applications

Scientific Applications 1

Industrial Applications

Applications in Robotics

Scientific Applications 2

Image Processing Applications

Practical Applications

Oral Presentations: Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing 1: Classification

Sensory Processing 2: Object Recognition

Oral Presentations: Cognitive Science and AI

Cognitive Science and AI 1: Perceptual Organization

Cognitive Science and AI 2: Symbolic Processing

Oral Presentations: Implementations

Implementations: Tree-Shaped Architectures

Implementations: Dynamic and Massively Parallel Networks

Oral Presentations: Neurobiology

Neurobiology 1: Information Coding

Neurobiology 2: Cortical Maps

Neurobiology 3: Motor Control

Neurobiology 4: Temporal Processing

Poster Presentations 1

Theory 1: Associative Memory

Theory 2: Learning

Theory 3: Generalization

Scientific Applications

Applications in Robotics and Industry

Poster Presentations 2

Neurobiology 1: Visual Cortex/Cerebellum

Neurobiology 2: Cortex

Neurobiology 3: Single Cell/Learning Rules

Image Processing Applications


Poster Presentations 3

Theory 4: Collective Dynamics and Time Series

Theory 5: Self-Organizing Maps