38th HICSS 2005: Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Track 8

Track Introduction

Competitive Strategy, Economics and Information Systems

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

End Users in Information Systems Development: Perceptions, Involvement, Practice and Implications

Enterprise Architecting and Development: Theory, Practice and Challenges

ERP/EAI System Issues and Answers: A Research Journey

IT and Organizational Alignment: Impact and Value

IT and Project Management

IT Governance and Its Mechanisms

Knowledge Management, Organizational Memory and Organizational Learning Cluster

Customer Knowledge Management

Foundations of KM: Philosophy, Discovery and Representation

Information and Communication Technologies in Support of Knowledge Management/Organizational Memory/Organizational Learning

Knowledge Flows: Knowledge Transfer, Sharing and Exchange in Organizations

KM/OM Implementation and Other Issues

Managing Knowledge in Software Development

Outsourcing of Information Systems

Research Methods and Applications

Social Issues in Organizations

Technology Management in a Knowledge Based Economy

Topics in Organizational Systems and Technology