36th HICSS 2003: Big Island, Hawaii, USA

Track 9

Cluster I: Emerging Fields

Computational Issues in Bioinformatics (STCIB)

Formal Methods for Engineering Special-Purpose Parallel Systems (STFME)

Peer-to-Peer E-Commerce Systems and Applications (STPTP)

Quality of Service in the Internet (STQSI)

Web-Based Information Sharing: Technologies, Strategies and Approaches (STWIS)

Cluster II: Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks

Mobile Distributed Information Systems (STMDI)

Routing in Wireless and Internet Networks (STRWI)

Quality of Service in Mobile and Wireless Network (STQSM)

Wireless LANs and PANs (STWLP)

Cluster III: Software Development

Distributed Object and Component-Based Software Systems (STDOC)

Domain-Specific Languages (STDSL)

Experimental Software Engineering (STESE)

Cluster IV: Trustworthy Computing

Frameworks and Methods for the Study and Analysis of Trust in Information Systems(STFMS)

Secure and Survivable Software Systems (STSSS)

Testing and Certification of Trustworthy Systems (STTCT)

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