Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FSTTCS)

39th FSTTCS 2019: Bombay, India

38th FSTTCS 2018: Ahmedabad, India

37th FSTTCS 2017: Kanpur, India

36th FSTTCS 2016: Chennai, India

35th FSTTCS 2015: Bangalore, India

34th FSTTCS 2014: New Delhi, India

33rd FSTTCS 2013: Guwahati, India

32nd FSTTCS 2012: Hyderabad, India

31st FSTTCS 2011: Mumbai, India

30th FSTTCS 2010: Chennai, India

29th FSTTCS 2009: Kanpur, India

28th FSTTCS 2008: Bangalore, India

27th FSTTCS 2007: New Delhi, India

26th FSTTCS 2006: Kolkata, India

25th FSTTCS 2005: Hyderabad, India

24th FSTTCS 2004: Chennai, India

23rd FSTTCS 2003: Mumbai, India

22nd FSTTCS 2002: Kanpur, India

21st FSTTCS 2001: Bangalore, India

20th FSTTCS 2000: New Delhi, India

19th FSTTCS 1999: Chennai, India

18th FSTTCS 1998: Chennai, India

17th FSTTCS 1997: Kharagpur, India

16th FSTTCS 1996: Hyderabad, India

15th FSTTCS 1995: Bangalore, India

14th FSTTCS 1994: Madras, India

13th FSTTCS 1993: Bombay, India

12th FSTTCS 1992: New Delhi, India

11th FSTTCS 1991: New Delhi, India

10th FSTTCS 1990: Bangalore, India

9th FSTTCS 1989: Bangalore, India

8th FSTTCS 1988: Pune, India

7th FSTTCS 1987: Pune, India

6th FSTTCS 1986: New Delhi, India

5th FSTTCS 1985: New Delhi, India

4th FSTTCS 1984: Bangalore, India

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