Conference of the Open Innovations Association (FRUCT)


29th FRUCT 2021: Tampere, Finland

28th FRUCT 2021: Moscow, Russia

27th FRUCT 2020: Trento, Italy

26th FRUCT 2020: Yaroslavl, Russia

25th FRUCT 2019: Helsinki, Finland

24th FRUCT 2019: Moscow, Russia

23rd FRUCT 2018: Bologna, Italy

22nd FRUCT 2018: Jyväskylä, Finland

21st FRUCT 2017: Helsinki, Finland

20th FRUCT 2017: St. Petersburg, Russia

19th FRUCT 2016: Jyväskylä, Finland

18th FRUCT 2016: St. Petersburg, Russia

17th FRUCT 2015: Yaroslavl, Russia

16th FRUCT 2014: Oulu, Finland

15th FRUCT 2014: St. Petersburg, Russia

14th FRUCT 2013: Espoo, Finland

13th FRUCT 2013: Petrozavodsk, Russia

12th FRUCT 2012: Oulu, Finland

11th FRUCT 2012: St. Petersburg, Russia

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