Formal Methods (FM)

Formal Methods Europe

22nd FM 2018: Oxford, UK

21st FM 2016: Limassol, Cyprus

20th FM 2015: Oslo, Norway

19th FM 2014: Singapore

18th FM 2012: Paris, France

17th FM 2011: Limerick, Ireland

FM 2009: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

FM 2009 Home Page

15th FM 2008: Turku, Finland

FM 2008 Home Page

14th FM 2006: Hamilton, Canada

FM 2006 Home Page

FM 2005: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

FM 2005 Home Page

FME 2003: Pisa, Italy

FM 2003 Home Page

FM 2002: Copenhagen, Denmark

part of FLoC 2002

FME 2001: Berlin, Germany

FM 1999: Toulouse, France

FM-Trends 1998: Boppard, Germany

4th FME 1997: Graz, Austria

3rd FME 1996: Oxford, UK

2nd FME 1994: Barcelona, Spain

1st FME 1993: Odense, Denmark

4th VDM Europe 1991: Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

3rd VDM Europe 1990: Kiel, Germany

2nd VDM Europe 1988: Dublin, Ireland

1st VDM Europe 1987: Brussels, Belgium

Program Specification 1981: Aarhus, Denmark

The Use of Formal Specification of Software 1979: Berlin, Germany

The Vienna Development Method: The Meta-Language 1978

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