Conference on Computer Science and Intelligence Systems (FedCSIS)

Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

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      18th FedCSIS 2023: Warsaw, Poland

      17th FedCSIS 2022: Sofia, Bulgaria

      16th FedCSIS 2021: Online

      15th FedCSIS 2020: Sofia, Bulgaria

      14th FedCSIS 2019: Leipzig, Germany

      13th FedCSIS 2018: Poznań, Poland

      12th FedCSIS 2017: Prague, Czech Republic

      11th FedCSIS 2016: Gdańsk, Poland

      10th FedCSIS 2015: Lódz, Poland

      9th FedCSIS 2014: Warsaw, Poland

      8th FedCSIS 2013: Kraków, Poland

      7th FedCSIS 2012: Wroclaw, Poland

      6th FedCSIS 2011: Szczecin, Poland

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