International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation Theory (FCT)

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      24th FCT 2023: Trier, Germany

      FCT 2023

      23rd FCT 2021: Athens, Greece

      22nd FCT 2019: Copenhagen, Denmark

      21st FCT 2017: Bordeaux, France

      20th FCT 2015: Gdańsk, Poland

      19th FCT 2013: Liverpool, UK

      18th FCT 2011: Oslo, Norway

      17th FCT 2009: Wroclaw, Poland

      16th FCT 2007: Budapest, Hungary

      15th FCT 2005: Lübeck, Germany

      14th FCT 2003: Malmö, Sweden

      13th FCT 2001: Riga, Latvia

      12th FCT 1999: Iasi, Romania

      11th FCT 1997: Kraków, Poland

      10th FCT 1995: Dresden, Germany

      9th FCT 1993: Szeged, Hungary

      8th FCT 1991: Gosen near Berlin, Germany

      7th FCT 1989: Szeged, Hungary

      6th FCT 1987: Kazan, USSR

      5th FCT 1985: Cottbus, Germany

      4th FCT 1983: Borgholm, Sweden

      3rd FCT 1981: Szeged, Hungary

      2nd FCT 1979: Wendisch-Rietz, Germany

      1st FCT 1977: Poznan-Kórnik, Poland

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