42nd SEAA 2016: Limassol, Cyprus

SPPI-1: Life-Cycle Management

SPPI-2: Risk Management & Decision Making Support

SPPI-3: Software Architecture & Technical Dept

SPPI-4: Software Process Improvement

SM-1: Empirical Research in Software Management

SM-2: Software Measurement

SE4SU-1: Theory and Concepts in Startup Research

SE4SU-2: Lessons Learned from Startup Case Studies

SMSE-1: Knowledge Management

MOCS: Model-Based Development

SMSE-2: Quality

SPLECO/TET-DEC: Software and Education Ecosystems

CPS-1: Autonomous Systems

SPPI-5: Software Testing & Test Automation

CPS-2: Industrial Control and IoT

ESE-1: Embedded Software Requirements and Analysis

ESE-2: Software Engineering in Automotive and Industry

SMSE-3: Product Lines

A-BPM: Advancing Business Process Management

EsPreSSE: Estimation and Prediction in Software and Systems Engineering

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